Step By Step Training on How to Build A Marketing Driven Real Estate Business

For 29 years Greg Herder traveled throughout the US and Canada teaching agents how to build a powerful personal brand that generates a steady flow of clients coming towards them each and every month. He now teaches online and is ready to help you take your business to the next level. Whether you want to start your career off fast, build a team or become a true MegaAgent doing 1000 or more transactions a year Greg Herder's powerful training programs will help you accomplish your goal.

Welcome to Greg Herder Training

Created and designed by one of the earliest disruptors of the real estate industry (Greg Herder is co-founder of Hobbs/Herder Advertising and the recognized pioneer of personal marketing for real estate agents), this site is a powerful training and marketing resource for agents and brokers looking to break from the crowded field and perform at a higher level.

Why Greg Herder Training?

Here you will find an incredibly powerful training and education resource, with courses and training modules designed to help agents at every level raise their game and increase their production and earning power.

What can Greg Herder Training do for me?

On this site, you will have instant access to a wide range of topics from personal branding and marketing strategies to effective listing presentations to harnessing the power of YouTube video marketing to learning how top agents are turning social media into a supercharged networking tool, as well as many other career boosting training courses.

A wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge training at your fingertips

For decades, tens of thousands of agents have traveled thousands of miles across North America and invested large amounts of money to attend Greg Herder’s internationally renown 3-day Marketing Mastery and Gateway Seminars. Greg has compiled (and continuously updates) the topics and content from these powerful training events — plus many other topics on this online platform. From the convenience and comfort of your home computer, laptop or tablet, you can tap into that wealth of information that has transformed thousands of real estate careers over the years.

You can learn at your pace, and prioritize where you want to focus your training, all here on this powerful learning platform. Start transforming your career and business today!